Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech-Language Therapy is available on-site through arrangement with Mississippi Valley Physical Rehab, S.C.

Bethany Riverside prides itself on an average length of stay of less than 30 days for 80% of all admissions. We recognize the role that Therapy services plays in achieving this remarkable goal.

The MVP professional therapists have experience treating long-term care residents across a broad spectrum of care. The MVP therapists work with the entire health care team to help meet each resident's needs. Treatment is provided with a multi-disciplinary approach, so that treatment by one therapist builds on and reinforces the progress of another.

PHYSICAL THERAPY works on restoring normal movement and function while addressing issues of pain, weakness, loss of motion, or lack of coordination.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY focuses on helping residents regain functional independence in activities of daily living such as dressing, grooming, and homemaking skills. The occupational therapist also dispenses necessary adaptive equipment and trains residents in the efficient use of those devices.

SPEECH-LANGUAGE THERAPY works with residents who are experiencing changes in communication and cognition (thinking skills), including speech impairments, memory deficits, word-finding problems and also works with those who have swallowing disorders.

Before treatment begins, we conduct a comprehensive resident evaluation and recommend an appropriate course of treatment. Written physician authorization is required prior to therapy. On-going communication between physicians of both local clinics is maintained throughout the treatment process. Restorative Therapy Programs extend the therapeutic process, reinforcing the gains residents make in therapy.
  • MVP Rehab accepts payment from Medicare (Parts A and B), Medical Assistance, private insurance and self-pay.
  • MVP Rehab welcomes referrals from personal physicians, other healthcare professionals, family members and from the affected individual.
  • MVP Rehab provides medically necessary therapy services to inpatients, outpatients and homebound individuals.
For additional information call (608) 406-3951