The Lighthouse

THE LIGHTHOUSE offers persons in mid to late stages of dementia an option for skilled nursing care in a holistic environment.

THE LIGHTHOUSE views each resident as a total person with specialized needs for socialization, emotional expression, nutrition and religious or spiritual opportunities as well as nursing care regardless of their stage in the disease process.

THE LIGHTHOUSE philosophy is based on activity focused care. All staff is committed to the belief that dignity and self-esteem are enhanced by providing residents with purposeful and meaningful activities.

Special Features Include:

  • A secure setting promoting freedom of movement
  • A pro-active approach to the challenges of dementia care
  • An environment addressing therapeutic levels of stimulation
  • Weekly worship services
  • A pet friendly atmosphere where residents, vistors and staff enjoy the companionship of visiting animals including our two live-in cats
  • A structured yet fl exible program designed to meet the needs of the resident as they occur
  • Opportunities for exercise, musical entertainment, arts and crafts, cooking and baking, pet therapy, and outdoor activities
  • Consistent staff specially trained to work with residents experiencing Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia
  • Opportunities for family fellowship and education
  • A great room with adjacent fenced patio
  • Options for a semi-private or a private room
For more information or to schedule a personal tour,
please call (608) 406-3900.